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Project description

OculoMotor Technologies’ (OMT) mission is to bring the latest technological advances to optometrists and vision therapists, enabling them to provide improved clinical outcomes and engaging therapeutic experiences to patients with binocular vision disorders (up to 15% of the general population and 50% of patients with post-concussive syndrome). OMT enables optometrists to increase revenues by integrating research-backed virtual reality assessments and therapies into their existing workflows.

Stakeholders of the project

New Jersey Institute of TechnologiesSalus UniversityChildren's Hospital of PhiladelphiaNew Jersey Health FoundationNational Science Foundation I-corps

Most innovative features of the project

The use of virtual reality to change disparity (offset between left and right eye) programmed in a novel way that is patent-pending way which leads to a long term change of the vergence (how we see in depth) system.  Our team has filed for an international patent application entitled "Method, system, and apparatus for treatment of binocular dysfunctions” US Provisional Patent No. 62/195,864, filed 23 July 2015. PCT National Phase Applied in USA, Canada (CA2993324A1), European Union (EP3324824A1), Japan, and South Korea